Who is Beachside Home Watch?

Beachside home watch is a Marco Island Home Watch service provider. We are also a Naples Home Watch service provider.

More than that, we’re a family. We have lived in Collier County for years. Marco Island and Naples is our home. This isn’t just about providing Home Watch services here. It’s about caring for our neighbors and doing our part to keep this a great place to live.

We can give you the speech about integrity and honesty, and it would be true. However, that should be a given for any company you want watching your vacation home. You should hear about the other things that make us a great Marco Island Home Watch Provider and a good Naples Home Watch provider.

Beachside Home Watch is ran by a family that treats everyone like family. We treat every Marco Island vacation home and Naples vacation home like it’s our own. We manage every construction job like it’s our money paying for it. We pick up every piece of trash on your Marco Island lawn like it’s our yard that has litter in it.

We are driven to do work we are proud of. As a Marco Island Home Watch service and a Naples Home Watch service, we feel like it’s our hometown that our efforts directly effect. We promise to be the best possible choice for you.

Jim Bonfitto Marco Island Home Watch

Jim Bonfitto


Jim and his wife Sarah, and their daughter Emma reside in Naples. Jim has many, many years of experience in real estate sales and management. Beachside Home Watch was born when enough of his customers complained that they just felt uncomfortable leaving their beautiful homes for months at a time. Often times they would come back and find their Marco Island and Naples properties in serious disrepair.

Jim is driven by duty and responsibility to his customers. He wants nothing more than a chance to give you the best service in the area!

Anthony Bonfitto


Anthony has years of experience in managing assets for out of state owners. Making sure that things are in order and running smoothly is part of how Anthony is wired. There’s something about a job well done that puts Anthony in a good mood.

Your Marco Island vacation home or your Naples vacation home is in good hands with Anthony.